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Tennis Pro Secrets is finally open. And it is very exciting to learn many things from the professionals. 

These secrets and tips will improve your: 

  • Improve Your Strokes
  • Gain Confidence on Your Game
  • Improve Your Agility & Footwork
  • Become a Better Player
  • And Much More…

You are going to be blown away by how much you can learn from Tennis Pro Secrets !

  • A little known secret that can help you add 20% extra speed to your forehand or a technique to gain more consistency on your serve
  • Some ADVICE which makes you feel much more comfortable hitting backhand passes

Watch some interviews from the TOP MOST TENNIS Players such as:

  • Guillermo Canas (Former #7 in the world beat Roger Federer 2 weeks in a row at the peak of his career)
  • Mariano Puerta (Former #9 in the world. Made it to the Roland Garros Final nearly forcing the almost unbeatable Rafael Nadal to a fifth set)
  • Access ATP trainers and insiders who will expose their most precious secrets to becoming a genuine tennis star
  • John Isner
  • Brian Dabul (Former #1 in the world in juniors and currently top 100 in the ATP rankings)
  • Pablo Cuevas (Roland Garros doubles winner and currently a top 50 player in the ATP rankings)
  • Janko Tipsarevic (2010 Davis Cup winner and a top 30 in the ATP rankings)
  • Roger Federer
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Jame Blake
  • Rainer Schuettler
  • Benjamin Becker

This tutorial covers the following: :

  • How to improve your serve and become more consistent
  • How to improve your kick and slice serve
  • How to improve your power serve
  • How to spin the ball with control
  • How to gain precision with your strokes
  • How to scare your opponents with your backhand and forehand
  • How to improve your slice and volley
  • How to gain speed on the court and have top footwork
  • How to improve your return of serve
  • How to increase your technique and game at the net
  • Types of grips you can use for every stroke
  • And much more…
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3 Tips For a Good Tennis Training Program

Tennis is a sport game that can be played by anybody who can hold racket even a person in wheelchair. It is usually played by two players or so called singles or two teams with two players on each team or doubles with racket that strikes in a hollow rubber ball covered with felt.

Good tennis training helps amateur tennis players to feel and act likes professional players. It invites them to strive for the best and inspires them to work hard and have adequate training. Program focusing on physical, mental and emotional aspects of training motivates aspiring tennis athletes.


Tennis is a physically demanding sport. Developing your strength, agility, speed, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular skills helps you to survive in every game you play in this kind of sports.
Strength training develops the upper and lower part of your body especially the legs and lower and upper back, shoulders and arms. Having 30 minutes daily toning your body is adequate to sustain your body to stay in the game. You can do it off and in court exercise and drills to enable you to improve your strength and proper positioning in the court.

Agility training can be achieved by doing footwork drills. Footwork drills that emphasize the lateral, forward and backward movement and ability to recover back to the ready position are important.

Speed is a very vital aspect of physical training. Uphill sprints, ladder drills and suicides drill are basic speed drills that you can do. Uphill sprints develop acceleration and power by running 30-40 feet per sprint in a 30 degrees inclination. Ladder drills develop lateral speed and coordination. Suicides drill is a continuous running back to starting point while you increase the length of your sprint.

Aerobic endurance training will be done by long distance running, swimming and cycling. Shuttle sprints, ball retrieval, partner ball throw and North South East West sprints are basic sprints that you can do to enhance your endurance level. Make sure that you wear the same training shoes you are using during the game. Anaerobic training will helps to tone up the muscles.

Good flexibility training prevents sudden injuries and helps to recover fast. Simple stretches and drills should be completed as a daily routine especially before and after the practice game. Active stretching must be part of warm up and static stretching must be done before the day ends. It helps sustain the overall flexibility of the body.

Cardiovascular training helps the player to endure a high intensity challenges.
Manage your diet and learn to eat right food. Eating the combination of high protein foods and complex carbohydrates are the best diet for tennis players. It helps to gain strength and fuels your body during hard working trainings. Drinking lots of liquid like sport drinks and water keeps you hydrated and replenishes the lost electrolytes. Eating fruits like banana is very commendable. Taking vitamins and minerals helps you energized and meet the right daily nutritional requirements of your body recommended by your doctor.


Identify your weaknesses and strengths and how to make use the most out of it. In every game, utilize the most of your strength and tactically lessen the way you expose your weaknesses and counter attack your opponent’s weakness to encumber his strength. Think on how you will able to do strategic moves to defeat your opponent.
Concentrate on the game and learn to focus in it. Distractions and pressures hinder you to think the correct moves especially during tie-breakers.


Learn to control your emotions and convert your anger to aggressiveness and determination to win the game. It will assist you to beat your opponent by dosing lots of energy to the game.
Self-confidence is the best key to strive in every game. Always remember that a great and famous tennis player loses games, get frustrated, commit mistakes and gets angry like other athletes. However they never give up and continue to make every effort for the best and think that there will win again in the next game. Always believe in yourself and your favourite sports tennis. Make extra effort to finish the game that you played.

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