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We aim to provide valuable information about playing tennis giving you the best tips and tutorials that you can get online. So know more about what we offer:  Lawn Tennis

Tennis is a sport typically performed by two people (singles) or  two groups of two person in each group (doubles). All participant utilizes a tennis racket that has been strung to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with felt over a net into the opponent’s court. Tennis is definitely an Olympic sport is played by any means levels of society in any respect ages.

This can be played by anyone who can hold a racket, including people in wheelchairs. The trendy game of tennis originated in Birmingham, England in late 19th century as “lawn tennis” which has close connections to varied field/lawn games not to mention to the traditional game of real tennis. Up to then, “tennis” brought up the latter sport: as an example,, in Disraeli’s novel Sybil (1845), Lord Eugene De Vere announces that he will “go down to Hampton Court and play tennis. As it’s the Derby [classic horse race], nobody shall be there”.  After its creation, lawn tennis spread for the upper-class English-speaking population before spreading across the world.

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How To Play Tennis: A Complete Video Instruction Guide for Tennis Beginners

Tennis Tutorial VideosHow to Play Tennis videos for beginners include step-by-step videos for:

  • Forehand groundstroke
  • Backhand groundstroke
  • Serve
  • Return
  • Forehand and backhand volley
  • and overhead

It consist of 3 packages where each covers one main playing situation in tennis. Click here to get it!

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Table Tennis for The Family!!!

Table Tennis or Ping PongTable tennis, also known as Ping-pong. Just like the lawn tennis it is played by two or four players using table tennis rackets where they hit the ball back and forth. The game needs a hard table in order for the ping pong ball to bounce well. The game rules are very similar to lawn tennis but it differs much in scoring, initial serve and some minor game rules.

It is fast and requires quickness. You can also apply different kinds of spinning techniques to limit the opponent’s chances of success. This sport is usually played indoors.


No Problem!!!

We have here not only tips but PREMIUM Table Tennis / Ping Pong tutorials that you will really love. It covers, service mastery, backhand and forehand mastery, forehand smashing, footwork conditioning, and even developing massive table tennis / ping pong power.

Don’t miss all the fun that you can get in table tennis. It is a good sport for the whole family!!!

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Mastering Your Footwork: Table Tennis Tutorial Videos

Footwork Table Tennis Tutorial

  • Improve your lateral (sideways) agility
  • Get to balls quicker and recover faster
  • Consistently be in position to hit your most effective shots
  • Cover distances quicker so you can effectively handle wide returns from your opponent
  • Return balls that, in the past, have been just outside your reach
  • Have more confidence
  • Feel stronger and not tire as quickly
  • Develop your grace, coordination, balance and agility
  • Make your opponent chase more balls, for a change
  • Enjoy a more fit and healthy lifestyle
  • Increase your stamina so you last an entire match without burning out. Finish the match strong while your opponent is the one gasping for air
  • Improve your foot speed and co-ordination, so that you can get to the ball quicker while maintaining proper form
  • Discover proven, cutting-edge methods that guarantee results for players at all levels
  • Learn to control and manage your fatigue
  • Reduce the chance of injury