Topspin – A Tennis Technique to Intimidate the Opponent

August 11, 2011

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Topspin is an appreciable buzz word in tennis. Everyone wants to put more in their groundstroke and serve. But what exactly is topspin, and what does it do at the tennis ball that makes hitting it with this technique so desirable?

As its name suggests, it is a spin placed on the tennis ball that causes it to spin from top-to-bottom in a uniform direction the ball is travelling.

Topspin is a favourite technique of tennis professional players, especially Andy Roddick. This technique makes the ball appear to be going to fly far long when it suddenly drops back in. Plus, it has a brilliant high bounce whose function is to drive your opponent behind the baseline. Topspin is considered to be one of the best techniques out there.

To know how to Topspin, here’s some exercises that you can do: topspin

1. Hold the racquet with your normal grip, but this works best if you are using the semi-western or western grip.

2. Take the racquet back and drop its head down.

3. Hit the ball with either an open or closed stance.

4. Hit up to the ball finishing high, and out over the other shoulder, moving the racquet from low to high.

In summary, using an Eastern and semi-Western grip is the secret for this technique. The main motion you need to do to bring topspin into place should be to brush up the rear in the ball. Rotate your shoulders and start with the racquet between shoulder and eye level. Loop the backswing around such as you were looping over a large ball. Speed up your swing until you brush up the rear of the ball. Pretend that the ball includes a clock face on it. Brush the racquet upwards from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock. Be certain to possess a solid, smooth follow through. Once you ease up within the ball, it will cause the ball to fall short.

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