Eastern and Western Grips

August 12, 2011

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There are several kinds of tennis grips that you can do. Different tennis players prefer different kinds of grips. But no matter what kind of grip you prefer, you must master it and in that way you will be able to make the most out of it and its advantage.

Now let me introduce you to the two famous grips:

Eastern Grip

  • You can do the Eastern Grip by holding the racquet at the throat.
  • The index side of your knuckle should be on the flat side of it.
Eastern Grip Picture

Eastern Grip

This grip is traditional. It gives a lesser spin and a flatter shot. It produces a lesser arc too.

But the main advantage of this grip is easier volleying transition and is very ideal in serving and volleying.

Western Grip

  • Simply hold the racquet using Eastern Grip.
  • Move your hand a little to the right where your palm is under the bottom flat of the racquet
This grip gives your more topspin. But the main disadvantage of this grip is that it is more difficult for you to switch for a backhand or volley.
Western Grip Picture

Western Grip

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