How To Play Table Tennis

August 13, 2011

Table Tennis

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Playing table tennis is fun and I am sure that you will enjoy it too. Unlike basketball, baseball, soccer, etc, this sport is less physical but still can let you get rid of weight because it is more like a cardio exercise.

So here is the rule of playing Table Tennis:

1) This game can be played by two person or by 4 person which means it can be 1vs1 or 2vs2.

2) Usually, players will call for play for serve rule to start the game. Nonetheless you can have a toss coin if you want. In this game, serving first doesn’t really give you too much of an advantage nor disadvantage.

Table Tennis RuleTo make the service, make sure that that the ball bounce first at your home court before it bounces to the court of the opponent.

3) To answer it, the opponent will return it. But this time, the ball should go over the net without bouncing in his court. And this will continue until someone will make a mistake.

4) In some games, the rule to win is to reach 11 points. While other makes it 21 points. It is called “deuce” if both players tie at the score of 10 for race to 11 and 20 for race to 21. With that, they will have to race for 5 having the opportunity to serve twice each time.

5) Change service is done in every 5th score.

How to earn points:

General rule of thumb, if the opponent makes a mistake, you earn a point.

You earn points when:
– The opponent allows the ball to bounce at his court when answering the ball.
– The opponent did not allow the ball to bounce at your court.
– When the opponent made a failed service that did not go to your court.

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